If you purchase more than 2 models, please ask us by email: for special discount 
because you are saving cost for shipping together.
  • Limited 50 pcs: Flash Pink with White Brake (3 left)
  • Sold Out: Flash Pink with Yellow Brake, Fuji White, Gloss White + Red Wheel, Yellow, Baby Blue, Rosso Corsa, Pearl White. Fuji White + Gold Wheel, Baby Blue + Chrome Blue Wheel, Gloss White + Black Mirror, Tiffany Blue, Artemis Green, Gloss White, Chameleon, Metallic Red.
- Estimated Delivery Date: Flash Pink will be shipping out in August 10-15.
- The model will come in Original LB License (Certification) with Display Case and Base - Only few pieces left for every colors in stock now, 
- We ship directly from LB Brand in Hong Kong, so you will get it fastest as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or need more pictures via email:

Sample pictures with Box and Case:

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Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk LB Performance (Different Colors) by LB Work

  • Brand: LB Work
  • Product Code: LB1861
  • Availability: Order now | Delivery in 2 weeks
  • USD 360

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