If you purchase more than 2 models, please ask us by email: for special discount 
because you are saving cost for shipping together.

- You are purchasing the version on Normal Base, if you want the Carbon Base as in the picture, we charge you more $100 (we cant guarantee the available quantity on Carbon Base if you order too late since its only fewer limited edition than the Normal Base)
- Estimated Release Date: Only 4 available colors now. The sooner the pre-order, the sooner the get the car. We can't guarantee the available colors if you order too late.

- Limited 75 pcs: Light Grey, Chameleon.
- Limited 50 pcs: Flash Pink.
- Limited 40 pcs: Chrome, Tiffany Blue, Baby Blue, Artemis Green.
- Limited 20 pcs: Peal White, Gloss Black.

Sample pictures with Box and Case:

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Lamborghini Huracan LB610 Liberty Walk LB Performance (Different Colors) by LB Work

  • Brand: LB Work
  • Product Code: LB1862
  • Availability: Order now | Delivery in 2 weeks
  • USD 390

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